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Wildlife ponds.

It’s important for British wildlife that gardeners do their bit for aquatic life & freshwater plants.

"It’s really important for British wildlife that gardeners do their bit for aquatic life, freshwater plants, insects, amphibians, and mammals all rely on our commitment.”
Sadly, countryside ponds are threatened by pollution, the changing climate, drainage, and development.

However, we estimate that the nation’s gardeners have created a staggering additional 2-3 million garden ponds. As well as providing much pleasure and enjoyment, these small water bodies increase the habitat available for our freshwater wildlife and may link fragmented wildlife communities.

Wildlife ponds attract nature to your garden.

In today's world, natural habitats are being squeezed out or destroyed at an alarming rate. this is particularly evident in the UK. once one-quarter of Britain was covered in wetlands before humans existed, we then drained them turning them into agriculture and eventually housing and industrial sites. now only five percent remains. unfortunately, this has a damming impact on the many different populations of animals and plants.

Olympian water gardens can help by building a pond in your garden, you could create new habitat, our ecosystem ponds are perfect to give wildlife a new home.

The more ponds there are in one area, the greater the concentrations of these habitats, this increases the connectivity between them, the advantages to wildlife a pond can be the most beautiful feature in any garden. It’s never still, from animals and insects to the gentle sway of the rushes and plants. The eye is constantly drawn to it, changing as the seasons turn and the days pass. It can be great entertainment for the whole family & for children learning about the environment, also be an asset to the wider environment.