Olympian Water Gardens – Garden Ponds & Water Features Manchester
18 Lower Bank, Denton, Manchester M34 3TA, UK

Turtles & Fish in our ponds.- I like Turtles.


The fascinating fish & turtles we keep in our aquascape ecosystem ponds, there is nothing more relaxing in your garden than the sound & sights of running water and constantly changing collage of fish and turtles swimming in the pond
, These beautiful animals thrive in the ecosystem ponds created for them, waterfalls & spillway bowls to aid in the filtration and add oxygen to the water
See our display ponds in Manchester (by appointment )


Turtles & terrapins can make a great inhabitant in an aquascape eco pond in the U.K. if you choose the correct species, red ear sliders and yellow-bellied terrapins are adapted to our climate and will happily hibernate under the ice. On sunny days there is nothing nicer than seeing a turtle or two baskings at the side of the pond or jumping into the water waiting to be fed. You can happily keep terrapins with fish, if the fish are large enough the terrapins tend to leave them alone.


Koi are the ultimate pond fish and can grow to 24” plus, displaying beautiful sleek lines and stunning vibrant coloration. It is one of the rewarding aspects of a water garden and soon enough the koi will be eating out of your hand,
They do require good water quality, as they do eat a lot and make quite a mess, this is easily achieved with our filtration system in the ecosystem pond. They make a lovely addition to larger eco garden ponds and koi will thrive very well in this environment. After all, it is a system based on mother nature.